Discover Typography

Hoefler & Co have taken typeface example design to the next level with their Discover Typography website: http://discover.typography.com/

They’re cool interactive boards are currently themed with: invitations, luggage tags, speedometers and spirit labels. 

Type Love: That ball terminal!

Wow gorgeous stencil and typewriter typography going on with this new restaurant brand Gato in NYC by Pentagram. Loving that quirky G. 

See more here: http://www.pentagram.com/work/#/all/all/newest/2983/

Social Media Talks

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Tim from Reactive Digital talk all things social media as part of the first in a series of AGDA business events. They developed an amazing campaign “The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented” —the world’s first petition-signing bionic arm, which was definitely an inspiring and worthy project to take on!

Check out the video here: http://vimeo.com/62678151

Bunny Rabbit Fun

I’ve been having some bunny rabbit design fun this afternoon for White Label NOBA!

HOP IN & WIN everyone, this weekend is the last chance to pick up WLN clothing, shoes, bags and more for $20 or under as part of the final days of their Pop Up Sale in Hawthorne! Check out their Facebook page for more details! I’ve been having some bunny rabbit design fun this afternoon for White Label NOBA! HOP IN & WIN everyone, this weekend is the last chance to pick up WLN clothing, shoes, bags and more for $20 or under as part of the final days of their Pop Up Sale in Hawthorne! #wln

Creative Women’s Circle comes to Brisbane

I’ve just spent a beautiful afternoon listening to filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew speak at the first Creative Women’s Circle event in Brisbane. At the beautiful Toby Scott studio in Clayfield we heard all about Hailey’s journey to get to where she is today, had a good chat with a few lovely creative ladies and enjoyed quite the impressive spread of tea and baked goods. 

Here’s a few snaps taken by the CWC team plus a couple of gorgeous photos from Hailey’s Instagram: 

The Beard Trend — Too Far, or just enough?

Come on guys, is it just me, or has this beard trend got out of control? image

The ‘Hipster Style’ seems to still be very much apart of pop culture and graphic design. Just check out this new beer packaging… 

Confederation Studio on their concept: 

"Our solution was to name each type of ale after a particular style of classic beard – in a form of playful celebration to the eccentric ale drinker." 

Love or hate the trend, it’s hard not to take notice of these adorable little bearded characters. But has anyone stopped to think, what happens when the Father Christmas/ lumberjack style beards are no longer ‘in’ and the whole premise of the brand falls flat?

Milton Glaser put in his two cents in a great article in the New York Times. His opinion on modern beer art: It’s the status quo to create labels which are quirkily amateurish — if not downright unprofessional. I’d say this label falls into that the former, especially when you look at the beer tap juxtaposition! Read his article here

How much longer do you think the beard trend will last, and which classic beard are you…Muttonchops, Garbaldi or the Chin Puff? Hehe



Check out more here

Radiant Orchid: Pantone Colour of the Year

It’s true, the design world definitely takes colour seriously!


Apparently after two days of top secret presentations and debate, a group of representatives from various nations’ colour standards groups come together at Pantone HQ (the global authority on colour) and decide on a Pantone ‘Colour of the Year’. This forecasts important colour trends in all areas of design, from fashion, to interiors to graphic design. 

2014’s colour of the year is Radiant Orchid, replacing 2013’s Emerald. Purple definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so what do you think? Will you shop Radiant Orchid this year? 




INSPIRATION: Trimfit Brand Identity


Trimfit, a kid’s socks brand, recently went through a great rebrand by Montreal based design studio Booth. 

The company started in the 1920’s selling Shirley Temple socks and though they are apparently very successful, they were operating with a comic sans logotype, with a differnt colour for every letter of the name! 

Oh what a world of difference there is between the before and after as you can see above. Let’s analyse the brand system below to see how it works so effectively! 






See more on the booth website here

Gorgeous Indian Wood Block Printing


I fell in love with gorgeous wood block printing while shopping in Jaipur, India. Lovely, tactile, hand-carved and endless DIY opportunities! Unfortunately as an Australian you can’t take back any wood items. We did buy a lovely bed wood block bed spread though. 

Heres a look at some of my favourite wood blocks. 


India’s Arches


A big inspiration of mine while in India was the beautiful, decorative archways. They are a big part of historical Indian architecture, especially in the North and the shape and level of intricacy is astounding. 

Horn Please!


Forget vector vehicle decals, India does things old school. I had the opportunity on my recent trip to see so much beauty out and about in the streets, brightening up the bleak traffic jams and bumpy roads! It is clear to see that decoration and colour permeate almost every aspect of life! It can take a few moments for your eyes to adjust to all the visual noise, but once they do, you’ll be forever inspired!